Boo Davis

I have the pleasure of bringing in the new year with quilt stories and anecdotes.

I trust you all had a great time singing at the top of your lungs and dancing barefoot into the morning.

[I am a bit tardy on writing this post because I danced in the new year and then some]

What should we do here?

should we talk about the year in retrospect?

should we talk about the year to come?

there are so many quilt stories from both. [though more images from the year past since, well, they have already happened and have been documented]

Lets throw the goat to 2011 and welcome in the new year with the working styles of Boo Davis.

she calles this one an homage to “bangover” where you go to a concert and are sore the next week from head-banging. I feel appropriate to some of us from our last night which may or may not have involved a few booze drinks, but for sure involved some rocking out!

Depending on your work that may not be safe to view there, but I think we are all safe on the 1st. your boss will give you some slack if you came in on the very first day of the new year.

But this is how I feel about today. I am super excited for the new year and what it brings with it.

she has an awesome Book out that if you like these you can purchase

Dare to be Square

do any of you have any good crafting/stitching/rockin out with your needles out plans for the new year?!?
Tell us about um. we love to hear stories and schemes.
[in fact that is roughly our business model…”stories and schemes” Maybe I will suggest a rebranding]


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