Jessica Wohl - The White Family hand embroidery on photographs

Jessica Wohl – Making The Invisible Visible

Jessica Wohl is an embroidery artist from Tennessee.She makes “the invisible visible”.

Jessica Wohl - Little Boy Blue hand embroidered photograph

“My practice of investigating and scrutinizing people, objects and domestic environments reveals hidden metaphors and interpretations of that which we cannot, or choose not, to see. Particularly drawn to portraiture and manicured homes, I exploit the uncanny while subverting domestic representations of perfection and happiness.

Jessica Wohl - Little Monsters hand embroidery on photographs

“Conceptual strategies such as repeating, simulating, concealing, mutating and erasing induce a sense of discomfort. By employing tight boundaries, clean edges and sickly smiles, secret interiors are protected from the outside world.

Jessica Wohl - Masked hand embroidery on photographs

“These protective barriers are created through the use of obsessive mark making. While subtly implying that my subjects are flawed, the handmade mark in this work is evidence of our human condition-that is, we are not as perfect as we may seem. Whether painting, drawing or sewing, I make marks by hand to acknowledge and embrace the imperfections in our society’s relentless pursuit of composure.

Jessica Wohl - House on a Hill hand embroidery on photographs

We’ve seen other artists who use stitch to explore photographs and portraits – Shaun Kardinal and Wayne Lo spring to mind. Jessica deliberately constructs her characters and modifies their backgrounds, creating hyper real images. I find them both charming and unnerving – it’s great stuff.

Jessica Wohl - The White Family hand embroidery on photographs

Find out more about Jessica at her website.

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