Book Review – Contemporary Upholstery by Hannah Stanton

It's the Fifth Friday Festival of Fabulousness from Mr X Stitch! Upholstery sits right on the edge of the content that we cover here at Mr X Stitch, but it’s a decorative use of textiles and, in my view, a pretty cool craft form. Hannah Stanton‘s new book, Contemporary Upholstery, is a great introduction to this method of transforming furniture with style and flair. Hannah Stanton - Contemporary Upholstery The first section of the book comprehensively lists the tools you’ll need to tackle most upholstery situations, and it’s quite the list, thoughtfully laid out with clear pictures and plain descriptions. Hannah Stanton - Contemporary Upholstery Hannah helps you understand the factors to consider when choosing fabrics for your project before moving on to the technical sections. It’s clear that there’s a lot to take on board with upholstery and the technical section successfully pulls the process apart into its constituent pieces. Hannah Stanton - Contemporary Upholstery As well as the upholstery theory the book contains a number of case studies featuring different upholsterers who explain the process behind the example pieces they’ve made. It helps bed the technique in reality and is a useful way of sharing new inspiration and wisdom. Hannah Stanton - Contemporary Upholstery All in all, I think this is a great book that really makes you want to pull apart some furniture and make it better, however it also makes you realise that fools rush in, and that this is a craft that can be hugely rewarding if you take the time to do it right. One of the highest complements I can offer for this book is that I’m keeping it for myself – I’ve just moved into a new home and this book is going to help me fill my home with unique upholstered pieces of magic! You’ll have to get your copy from Amazon or another good retailer! 🙂