Book Review – Doodle Stitching – Embroidery & Beyond by Aimee Ray

Aimee Ray - Doodle Stitching Embroidery & Beyond
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Aimee Ray is a bit of a star really, definitely doing her bit to inspire people and get them excited about stitching. Her latest book “Doodle Stitching – Embroidery & Beyond” is a follow up to her two previous Doodle Stitching books, and it’s a great addition to the set.

Aimee Ray - Doodle Stitching Embroidery & Beyond


The book begins with some of the more familiar stitches but then moves towards techniques like Stumpwork, Sashiko and Redwork. Each section in the book introduces you to the stitch type before presenting you with a few project ideas to help you get to grips with these new stitches.

Aimee Ray - Doodle Stitching, Embroidery & Beyond

The book is well designed, with clear instructions and good illustrations. Aimee’s personal style flows throughout the book and the projects are a great reflection of her personal aesthetic and love of the medium.

Aimee Ray - Doodle Stitching, Embroidery & Beyond

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If you are already quite comfortable with the basic stitches that feature in the previous books, Doodle Stitching – Embroidery and Beyond will help you broaden your skill set and produce some really lovely pieces.

Aimee Ray - Doodle Stitching, Embroidery & Beyond

You can get Aimee Ray’s Doodle Stitching – Embroidery & Beyond from Amazon and other good retailers. Feel free to get it via our Amazon link!


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  • The chain stitch is my go to. It makes for an excellent outline stitch and I even use it as a fill stitch sometimes. It’s substantial and pretty and has a fuller look than the backstitch.

  • I love the way the satin stitch looks. Such a nice way to “color in the lines” – a new habit I’m trying to adopt 😉

  • Definitely French knots – because, after 45 years of trying, I’ve finally cracked them!

  • Seed stitch. It can be anything you want it to be, light, dense, long, short. You name it you can do it with the good old seed stitch

  • They are all delicious in their own way, i find myself using padded satin a lot, it looks so lush and rich when done well, feels like a real achievement. I am however getting into hack embroidery or Swedish weaving, so simple yet very effective and can be done on Aida so easy to find the materials.

  • My favourite stitch is now split stitch, which I have only discovered recently. It give a nice thick versatile line and has a more interesting texture than the back stitch I was using before.

  • I’m new to needlework by way of cross-stitch. I’ve always wanted to try embroidery, but it seems so daunting to me. Aimee Ray makes it look accessible for the newbie. My favorite is cross-stitch (by default) and I hope this book will give me a slew of new favorites to adore.

  • I use the split stitch most often, but I like the look of the chain stitch the most. If it were as quick and easy as the split stitch, I might use it more often.

  • Cross stitch is my first love, but I am slowly teaching myself some new stitches, and really enjoying the process.

  • You can’t beat the humble cross stitch. It has inspired so many people to pick up a needle & have a go at stitching. Where would we be without it?

  • I mainly use cross stitch, but am now starting to venture into other stitches. I love the way cross stitch turns a blank piece of material into somerhing beautiful and colourful!

  • To actually stitch myself, it’s chain stitch; as that’s the one I’ve known how to do since I was a little girl and it looks impressive.

  • I really like a twisted rope stitch. It works well as an outline stitch, but looks nicer then chain stitch or backstitch.

  • My favourite stitch is Cross Stitch.
    I am yet to venture into the world of embroidery, however I have bought Aimee Ray’s 2 other books and I love her designs and the doodle stitching idea.

  • My favourite stitch has to be cross stitch. I’m a videogame nerd and I love how cross stitch can replicate pixels, so finding videogame-themed cross stitch patterns is really delightful.

  • I’m new to cross stitch and I’m loving it!!! Making rude words with a traditional style is brilliant… unpredictable…..

  • Cross-stitch for sentimental reasons. Taught to me by my mother (and her mother to her) and the three of us now help each other out on projects-Our favourite way to spend time together! Our houses will always be decorated with cross-stitch!

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