Book Review – Embellished: New Vintage by Karen Nicol

Embelllished: New Vintage by Karen Nicol   If I had to describe Karen Nicol’s new book, Embellished: New Vintage, in one word, it would be “inspirational”. This book is one to enjoy while sipping a nice G&T (other beverages are available), flicking through the pages and absorbing the stylish forms of vintage embellishment that appear before you.

Embelllished: New Vintage by Karen Nicol

Karen has spent many years as a textile artist and shares her experience with this book, filled with nine chapters of amazing embellished ideas. From pleats to tufts to sequins, this book has it covered.

Embelllished: New Vintage by Karen Nicol

  What’s great is that each chapter has full page shots of terrific examples of the form, which are then explained in a digest section at the end of the chapter. The pictures are packed with detail and you can get a great sense of the construction involved. Embelllished: New Vintage by Karen Nicol The book finds the balance between inspriation and instruction and leaves you wanting to get out your clothes and start funking them up. It really is a great book. And it’s got embroidered monkeys in it!

 Embelllished: New Vintage by Karen Nicol

Embellished: New Vintage by Karen Nicol is published by A&C Black and you can buy it via our Amazon link and from all good retailers. It’s ideal for the textile fan or fashionista in your household; you should seriously think about this as a future Xmas gift.
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