Book Review – Felt Dogs by Mitsuki Hoshi


It's the Fifth Friday Festival of Fabulousness from Mr X Stitch!

Mitsuki Hoshi is a notorious cute dog creator, who has brought you Ami Ami Dogs: Seriously Cute Crochet and Dog Sweaters and Accessories.  Now, she welcomes Felt Dogs into the world!

Felt Dogs gets off on the right foot (or paw) by smacking you straight in the face with cuteness, using a doe eyed Boston Terrier for the beautiful matt paperback cover.

Felt Dogs High Res Cover

Inside, follow more lush photographs of tiny cute pooches, sectioned by breed and in situations that will make you gush (including a Labrador retriever playing a tiny piano –ahh!!).

Felt Dogs_Spread_32

“I want to make them ALL” you’ll cry!

Felt Dogs by Mitsuki Hoshi

After you’ve stared incredible cuteness in the face, you realise you have to try and make one yourself – But panic not first time needle felters!  The instructions that follow are easy to digest, with friendly and informal language and clear step by step instructions – with pictures!  There’s even a breakdown of what tools and materials you will need, and what purpose they serve.

Felt Dogs by Mitsuki Hoshi

To-scale photographs of every breed help guide you in how your dainty dog should look, with templates for ears, and mix and match positions (standing, sitting and a beddy-bye pose) that you can use for any breed.

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Overall, I think that for a first time needle felter, this book is the perfect place to start, with it’s easy to follow instructions and a cute new pet at the end.  From Chihuahuas to Welsh Corgis, Beagles to Poodles – how could anyone resist?

You can get your copy for Felt Dogs by Mitsuki Hoshi direct from Laurence King this February! Or click on the links below to buy it from the Mr X Stitch Amazon store!

OR…why not enter our competition for your chance to win a copy! All you have to do is leave a comment below the post with your best dog story! It’s THAT easy!

Closing date for comments is Saturday 8th February, at which point we’ll chuck all of them into a Random Number Generator and pick a winner! Good luck!

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  • SkyFox was our childhood dog and was adopted because her prior owner was a cult member and the cult made it clear no dogs were allowed.

    Although the leader of the cult was later convicted of fraud and conspiracy I will always be thankful for the love and acceptance that SkyFox brought into our broken home.

  • Those little felted dogs really look so cute; I’ve never tried felting before and would love to try it. We used to have a wonderful dog (she is now in doggy heaven) so kind and placid but with one bad habit: If someone came to the front door or the phone rang, so I was otherwise occupied she would jump up and run to the bin, take out the tea bags and eat them!! nothing else just the tea bags. 🙂

  • Trying to keep my energetic foster puppy (now a failed foster) busy, I decided to teach her to do a baby version of the agility weave poles. All I had were some mini jumps, so I set them up in a line. Alice caught on pretty quick. About the third time she started through, she suddenly stuck her nose in the air, touched the cross bar, then proceeded to jump over it. I was astonished, but I immediately switched the set-up and continued with the jumping. Feeling the little jumps (which were meant to spike into the ground) were too unstable on the rug, I fashioned a hoop out of tubing and we were in business. Alice thought this was the greatest game ever and was a master hoop jumper by the end of the afternoon. It is still her favorite game.
    If this story sounds less than spectacular, perhaps it’s because I forgot to mention that Alice is blind.

  • My welsh springer spaniel, Kira, is such a good friend with a heart of gold, however I fear that her love for chasing rabbits might be greater than her love for me.

    This one time when she was 1 year old, we were in the courtyard of our apartment complex training some basic agility when she after a jump suddenly, instead of going forward to me and the treat bowl, made a 90 degree turn (in the air, no less) and disappeared into the shrubbery. Thus began a 30 minute barking and running around in circles fest. She had spotted a rabbit and even though the rabbit itself ran far away, she continued looking for it in court yard. So Kira chased the rabbit, I chased Kira and all of this with 20 or so of our neighbors watching us from their balconies…

    When I finally got a hold of her I was mortified, I collected my dog and our things and went inside. Kira, however, didn’t feel that she was done hunting so when I released her into the stairwell she seemed to think for a fraction of a second and then she ran toward the second door leading out to the court yard, eager to continue her chase of the wonderful rabbit. Sadly she didn’t think things through, so instead of running out into the wild she hurled herself into a closed door…

    This (really long) story ended with a broken toe nail and a very sad parabolic aerial-looking welsh. But even that hasn’t diminished her enthusiasm concerning rabbits, oh no, not at all… 😉

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