Book Review – Shibori for Textile Artists

Mr X Stitch Book Review Introduction Shibori for Textile Artists by Janice Gunner  (published by Batsford) Shibori is one of the techniques often associated with Japan, Africa, India and South America.  It is found in fashion, adorning many a dress or tunic.  How can we make our own version?  This book promises to cover a range of ideas,  ‘from tied and stitched designs to ideas for wrapping, folding, clamping, pleating and binding.’  Lets get a better look……. Who is it aimed at? Due to its clarity, this book is aimed at all abilities, whether you are a quilter, textile artist or embroiderer, there will be something you can learn or be inspired by. About the artist Janice Gunner is a textile artist, quilter and author. Her website tells us that ‘She learned how to embroider at the age of 5, made her own clothes from the age of 10, has been quilting for 44 years and has spent almost 30 years of those teaching patchwork & quilting, including 23 years teaching City & Guilds courses.’  We are assured she has a wealth of experience to offer! Content The book has eight chapters, each detailing some way of using the technique or actually the process behind the technique.
How to create this beautifully dyed fabric, learn about its history as well as how to use your fabric once dyed.
We get educated while we are making.
Often within Textile art books, we are given instructions on how to do a certain technique, but are left hanging as to what to do afterwards.  Not with Gunner’s instructions.  There are ideas and step by step guidance on a variety of ideas….
Is a wall hanging your thing?
What makes it special? We often see this technique on clothing, but Gunner here introduces how we can use our dyed fabric in techniques we may be more familiar with, I.E.  Quilting and Patchwork….
A bold collection of Japanese inspired fabrics along with the dyed Shibori patterns.
We loved the clear diagrams, outlining the various ways that the patterns can be achieved…there is so much more to this area of art than first meets the eye.
Photography As with all books published by Batsford, the photos which are used to illustrate the work are never pixilated or of bad quality.  Large and small photographs line the pages, so that we can really get close to the patterns.
We loved the colour mix on this illustration, showing how this technique doesn’t have to be all one or two colours….variety can spice it up!
What is wrong with the book? If you are not into dyeing, you might not find this as useful. Conclusion Okay, so we have all had a go at tie-dyeing the odd t-shirt, or showing a machine dye in the wash with our favourite top, in the hopes that we will get that stain out.  Gunner opens up our education to a new level here, detailing this beautiful way of adding pattern to our lives.  A great social technique as well as a solo one…really there is no excuse, clear your kitchens and get going. Shibori for Textile Artists by Janice Gunner is available to purchase simply by clicking on this link!