Book Review – Stitched Textiles Seascapes

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Stitched Textiles Seascapes by Amanda Hislop

Published by Search Press


Exploration both of technique and design is at the heart of this book. Hislop reveals the skills and processes she uses to make her incredible textile seascapes. Featuring original projects, practical and enjoyable design exercises, and extensive sections on composition and mark-making, this instructional guide is brimming over with fabulous ideas for a stunning selection of fabric and stitch scenes.  So there are many different opportunities within this publication to broaden out your textiles seascapes toolkit of ideas.

About the artist

Hislop has a degree in certain areas of specialist Textiles, including woven and also painting.  She is a well known teacher in the arts and if often seen demonstrating her techniques and methods at The Knitting and Stitching Shows in the UK.

Who is it aimed at?

The blurb tells us:

Textile artists, embroiders, painters and quilters whatever their skill level will be inspired by Amanda’s deep love for and fascination with the varied moods of the sea and coastal landscapes.


This book has been put very much in order, with the basic knowledge put at the beginning, such as colour choices, stitches and materials required….


There are several step-by-step projects included too, yet we can adapt these to our own “seascapes”.  Do you live near the sea?  Or have you had holidays in the past and have photos to use as a refrence?  Why not try Hislops techniques using your own memories and images as inspiration?

Mixed Media can be fun, if we just give it a try! Why not use this book to start you off? Hislop details each medium used and how to use it.
We liked how Hislop uses her own inspiration to inspire us, yet she does not tell us what to do in a prescribed way. For example, telling us the exact location she used and pushing us to use the same.


textiles seascapes
Great thought put into the layout, one example after another illustrated, all connecting together to build up a picture of what it is possible to create.
stitched seascapes
There’s a lot of Mixed Media in the publication. Close up shots showing a part of the picture help us to visualise the tactile nature of her work, which we could copy.

What makes it special?

Thematically, its nice to have a book focused on the idea of textiles seascapes rather than nature as a whole.  The step-by-step projects really work well as they are easy to understand and very well illustrated.

Time taken to explore just the sea – what a pleasure – will you give it a go?
Who of us look at the sea and really take apart its detail, the mood, rhythm…etc. Hislop does and this book works as a great teaching tool to push us to think along the same lines too.

Anything wrong with the book?

If you don’t like the sea….


Stitched Textiles Seascapes by Amanda Hislop

Published by Search Press