Kim Pterodactyl

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Welcome to the Cutting (& Stitching) Edge, where we showcase people whose embroidered creativity is fresh and new!

Kim Pterodactyl is a needlework artist from Philadelphia, USA.

Kim Pterodactyl - Fountain Of Youth
Fountain Of Youth

I am an embroidery artist constantly interpreting the surreal emotional landscape of marketing. The overwhelming barrage of sensational imagery and sleek aspirational narratives in public environments induces my anxiety. I struggle to retreat and reflect. I struggle to be thoughtful in these overstimulated surroundings. They are constructed for persuasion and quick gratification and people often overlook their diminished returns.

Kim Pterodactyl - Steve Harvey Mistake
Steve Harvey Mistake

Embroidery is my chosen medium because of both its familiarity and its formal rigor. As handicraft, it is used for ornamentation but it supports social commentary adequately. I approach each piece with sincerity to the craft and cynicism/humor to the subject matter. It is a meditative response to the current internet-based “attention economy”.

Kim Pterodactyl - Swimsuit Super Organism
Kim Pterodactyl – Swimsuit Super Organism

“Lately, I experiment with digital manipulation prior to embroidering. By scouring online media I have created collages superimposing images such as Tiger Woods’ mugshot and QVC hands. I’m intrigued with the results of these “consumer culture mashups.” My method begins with digital editing and collage of forms to stage a laborious tactile result. My goal is to surprise myself and create something beautiful out of the absurd.

Kim Pterodactyl - Handburger
Kim Pterodactyl – Handburger

I really enjoy Kim’s perspective on the world. She has a keen eye for the absurd, whether it’s in the “everyday” realms of beauty pageants or TV evangelists and, as with many embroidered artworks, the use of needlework for the medium encourages us to take a longer look at the subject.

Kim Pterodactyl - Eye of the Tiger
Eye of the Tiger

Kim has confidence in her stitching and a command of light and shade that gives her an efficient realism in her work. That, in combination with some real left-field thinking in terms of composition, packs a real punch, and makes a stroll through Kim’s portfolio a real adventure. She delivers an emotional rollercoaster of winners, losers and weird moments in time and it makes you glad to be witness to these people and places, from a safe distance.

Kim Pterodactyl - My sister and I hold a blanket up for one another so no one can see us when we go to the bathroom
Kim Pterodactyl – My sister and I hold a blanket up for one another so no one can see us when we go to the bathroom

Be sure to find Kim’s many expressions of absurdity at her website and follow her on Instagram while you’re at it. She is keeping things weird in all the right ways and I look forward to seeing what she comes up with next!

Kim Pterodactyl - Miss America Jacket
Miss America Jacket