Book Review – Sweat Shop The Book by Martena Duss & Sissi Holleis

Sweat Shop is an ironically named cafe couture in Paris, set up by Martena Duss and Sissi Holleis in 2010. As well as serving a quality cup of coffee, you can learn a range of stitch-based skills there, primarily around dress making, fashion and couture. It is a very cool place indeed.

Sweat Shop The Book by Martena Duss & Sissi Holleis

Sweat Shop The Book is packed with ideas and inspiration for the kind of fashion based projects that you might learn were you to visit. The book reflects the style and culture of the shop as well introducing you to some of the people that teach at Sweat Shop.

Sweat Shop The Book by Martena Duss & Sissi Holleis

The projects vary in difficulty, although some you would need basic skills and confidence to complete most of them. Each project comes with clear instructions and diagrams, and the end products are very Parisian in style – tres chic!

Sweat Shop The Book by Martena Duss & Sissi Holleis

There are quirky elements to the book and I think they’ve done a good job of capturing a sense of it must be like to spend a day hanging out there. I liked the recipe section at the back, that includes cakes and other treats from the Sweat Shop neighbourhood.

Sweat Shop The Book by Martena Duss & Sissi Holleis

I’ve never visited the Sweat Shop – thanks to this book I feel like I have, and I look forward to taking in the atmosphere and joie de vivre at some point in the not too distant future!

Sweat Shop The Book
Martena Duss & Sissi Holleis
ISBN 978-9-07332-88-3
23rd September 2011
The Ivy Press


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