Manhattan Quilters Guild

Shameless self back patting is permitted on blogs so there!

I [your very own purveyor of quilty information and pretty pictures of fabric things] have been asked to join the very prestegious Manhattan Quilters’ Guild [that link goes to the website which has a bit of finishing to do I just found out, but it’s best practice to put links.]

So, anywhoo, I have been asked to join this group of 23 fabulous and famous quilter ladies.

An honor.

We are soon to open our traveling exhibition in NYC at City Quilter [more links FTW!!!] but as that is still under the red velvet waiting on the dramatic reveal I shall show you some of the awesome images from their last show “metro Textural”

Erin Wilson:
Manhattan Quilters Guild

Paula Nadelstern:
Manhattan Quilters Guild

Beth Carney:
Manhattan Quilters Guild

Adrienne Yorinks:
Manhattan Quilters Guild

Each of these are 36 inches square and are even more impressive in person than on the ‘puter screen.

I am excited to see how working with these exemplar stitchers will help me make my crater in the industry.
[just making a mark is for sissies]


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