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Adventures in Time & Lace

I wish I had thought of the idea of creating lace work with a blowtorch! As you know, I’m a massive fan of lace being created & used in new & surprising ways. Visual artist Cal Lane uses her expert welding skills to burn delicate traditional lace patterns into reclaimed steel objects with a blow torch. I am totally loving the dichotomy Lane creates in her sculpture work.  Lane is exploring all sorts of contradictions & contrasts in her work – industrial and domestic; masculine and feminine; strong and delicate; practical and frivolous; ornament and function, the list is endless! I love the way she is challenging stereotypes, expectations & conventions.

Cal Lane via Art Mur
Cal Lane Car Bombing via Art Mur

In her artist biography we learn that to date, her pieces stand alone in capturing a delicacy and intricacy quite apart from her closest contemporaries. Lane’s tapestries, cut into harsh and often preternaturally large steel and iron structures, are sensual, alluring and deeply effeminate. 

Cal Lane via Art Mur

Lane says The metaphor of lace further intrigued me by its associations of hiding and exposing at the same time; like a veil to cover, or lingerie to reveal. It also introduces a kind of humor through the form of unexpected relationships. Like a Wrestler in a tutu, the absurdity of having opposing extremist stances is there for reaction and not rational understanding; the rational discussion arises in the search for how one thing defines the other by its proximity.

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Cal Lane Ammunition Box via Art Mur
Cal Lane via Sara Barnes, Beautiful/Decay

To explore more of her incredible work visit Lane’s website.

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