all about vegetables

all about vegetables

This month, I am pleased to bring you some truly wonderful vegetables sculptures that I have recently discovered. Hope you will like them! Scroll down to see different perspectives on that topic and discover amazing artists.

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Japanese embroidery artist ipnot creates pieces of food and drink that seem to pop out of the fabric and into real life.


“I discovered myself that the French knot stitch can be done by wrapping thread around the needle. I find this type of stitching to be a lot of fun to do and it is my favorite type of stitch. I have chosen the French knot stitch to represent my stitching style. I choose a thread of my own preference from  500 different-colored embroidery threads. As in the art of stipple painting, I use my needle like a paint brush and I stitch one knot at a time.”


Scholten and Baijings

“The designers Stefan Scholten and Carole Baijings move fluidly between the disciplines of art and design, and artisanal and industrial processes, to create a visually arresting collection of work which has strong references to the past yet is overtly of the current moment.”

“The design duo established Scholten & Baijings, Studio for Design, in 2000. They continue to combine minimal forms and balanced use of colour with traditional craft techniques and industrial production in a distinctive, almost un-Dutch design style. Their work, both independent and commissioned, is collected and exhibited worldwide.”


The Japanese fiber artist Jung-jung first began playing with threads at early age. She started from closh lace knitting. After gratuating from University she worked in many kinds of jobs. In 2006 she started a knitting unit called „knot” whit Miki Fukushima. Following various exhibitions and craft events Jung-jung dissolved „knot” and in 2010 she started to go solo.

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