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Welcome to another Tooled Up column where we give you reviews of fun products from all over the crafty world. Today… some really fun Christmas products. As we all know, it’s never too early if you’re a crafter!

I’ve got three very different Christmas kits to share with you.

The first is this brill Stitch Your Own Dachshund cross stitch kit. It’s a Dachshund, in a Christmas jumper, in a woolly hat, with a scarf – what is not to love here! The kit includes everything you need to make it, threads, fabric and a needle. It doesn’t say what size the fabric is but I think it is 11 count Aida. 

A little Dachshund doggie for Tooled Up by Jo Burgess.  Made by Groves
A little Dachshund doggie

I’ve not finished this one yet, but I’m going to make it into a Christmas gift for a friend who has a Dachshund. Maybe a framed picture, maybe a pin cushion, maybe add some fabric to make it into a larger sofa cushion. Whatever I do with it, she will love it!

Next up are these funky cross stitch Gift Tags. I really enjoyed this kit. So much fun. The kit includes enough card to make four gift tags and includes lovely patterns for a tree, a heart, a snowflake and a mitten. You also get nice backs for the cards and ribbon to finish them off with.

Kits for Christmas for Tooled Up by Jo Burgess.  Made by Groves
Kits for Christmas

If you do a lot of cross stitch these don’t take long to sew up – using the fabulous plastic yellow needle that comes with the kit – and anyone you give one to on a Christmas gift will absolutely love it I’m sure. They are a beautiful way to finish off your gift wrapping with some handmade love.

Tree for Tooled Up by Jo Burgess.  Made by Groves
Tree Cross Stitch

And last, but definitely not least, we have the Felt Cross Stitch Robin Hoop Kit. Well, just wow. This fascinated me. The fabric in the kit is punched felt which I have never used before. 

A little Robin kit for Tooled Up by Jo Burgess.  Made by Groves
Robin Kit

It felt so good to stitch and was around 6 count so produces a nice chunky image of a gorgeous robin. I sewed the whole kit up in almost one session as I loved the felt so much I couldn’t stop! And then I used some special lining to make him into a little tea pot stand. He’s so cute!

Robin Cross Stitch Kit
The finished robin

All of these kits are by the lovely people at Groves. For more information search for @grovesltd on Instagram and #makeitgroves on Instagram and Twitter. Prices vary so please contact  for stockists 

Happy seasonal stitching! Have you started making gifts yet? Have you made any of these? We would love to hear from you if you have started your Christmas present stash already!

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