Christmas Quilting by Annie’s Quilting

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Here’s what we think of Christmas Quilting by Annie’s Quilting.

So many quilting projects!


The Christmas Quilting book by Annie’s Quilting is quite thin at 48 pages, but is a beautiful and creative book which guides you through eight fabulous Christmas quilting projects.

I know I would love to have any of them presented to me on Christmas morning. Or if I was a quilter I’d love to be presented with the book and to have a year to work on the items in it before next Christmas.

Who Is This Book Aimed At?

The book is aimed at quilters of various levels. Each project has a skill level attached to it which is really helpful. If you like quilting I’m sure you would find a lovely Christmas project in this book. I would definitely be a beginner but the way it is written I’d feel confident I could tackle the projects.

The book is written in a friendly easy to understand way

About The Author

The book is by Annie’s, a fabulous looking American craft store which was founded in 1975. They say they are known for the originality of their designs and as a source for creative inspiration and the book backs that up.


I think the content is really varied. It ranges from a beautiful Take A Breath wall hanging stags, to a traditional table runner adorned with Christmas trees, to more complex quilt designs.

Just beautiful!


This book is very visual. Each section leads you through how to make the quilts by using really well taken photos of the finished product and great graphics of things like the quilt blocks and how to cut them. It also has little tip and inspiration boxes along the way full of facts which I love in a book.

Lots of hints and tips and inspiration along the way

What Makes The Book Special?

It’s just so fabulously Christmassy! As soon as I looked at it I wanted every quilt in my house for the festive season. It’s also nice that it shows items as table decorations, quilts, wall hangings – not all just traditional wrap yourself up quilts.

Anything Wrong With The Book?

My only criticism would be that it’s short compared to a lot of the other books I review. But the price reflects that so it’s all good really. And much as we all love projects, I guess eight quilts in enough to have on your plate between now and Christmas day!


I think this book offers a lot for the cover price. I was also surprised to read that some of my favourite designs which I thought could be quite complicated are actually aimed at the ‘confident beginner’ skill level. That’s a big win in my opinion. I might well have a go for next year!