The Season of Giving: Donating Quilts

This is the time of year often associated with the season of giving and this year is, perhaps unlike any other year we have experienced, a year where so many are in need. This prompted me to think about charities that accept quilts. Now of course it is likely too late to make a quilt and donate this year, unless you are super fast and have the time! It is, however, surely something for all of us with quilting skills to think about after the holiday season. I am sure such gifts are welcome throughout the year.

As mentioned, many do not have the time to make a quilt and donate this year. In this case there is an organization, a non profit, called Quilts for Kids. This organization takes monetary donations rather than quilts. This is because the organization has quilters who make the quilts that are donated. They are donated to children who are suffering from an illness, some trauma, abuse, as well as natural disasters. Your donation, monetary amount varies, can be given for fabrics to make quilt kits for volunteers, for shipping a box full of quilts to a hospital, or for the cost of making and delivering a quilt to a child in need.

Another organization aimed at providing children with quilts and comfort is Project Linus, named from the character from Peanuts who loved his blanket. This organization takes monetary donations as well as quilt donations. There are many chapters that one can contact to donate quilts and otherwise become involved. They have different chapters in various states and have patterns and mystery quilts you can make.

The Ronald McDonald House is also an organization that is involved in giving quilts. This particular site seems to only pertain to the house in Rochester, Minnesota and every child admitted to the house, and even their siblings, get a blanket. I had a child who requited the help of a Ronald McDonald House and am forever grateful for them. This particular Ronald McDonald House particular requirements for their quilts, as do many other organizations.

Quilts Beyond Borders is another organization that, as the name suggests, provides quilts to children around the world. Their website states ‘Quilts Beyond Borders is an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) non-profit organization which reaches out to under-served children, mainly orphans, across the world to provide a handmade quilt and spread love and hope.’They work in 25 different countries. They have particular criteria for donations as well.

The Season of Giving: Donating Quilts
Quilts Beyond Borders

There are also organizations that provide quilts to adults such as Quilts of Honor. This organization provides quilts to veterans who have served in the service in the US. They have requirements such as no florals and no specific military branch fabric. I can only imagine how many veterans would appreciate such a gift of love and gratitude.

I did not look around for various causes and specific illnesses/conditions but I can only assume that if there is a cause or illness one is interested in there is a quilt organization designed to donate quilts. And, if there is not then perhaps you are inspired to start an organization of your own which is aimed at supporting a particular need in your community. I wish all of you a most blessed season and a blessed new year that we can only hope far exceeds this year in health and happiness and loved ones.

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