Craft Rocks pin cushion

Craft Rocks: Sewing machine pin cushion recycling fun

Craft Rocks with Jo Burgess

A while ago I made some little cross stitch sewing machines . I have absolutely no idea where I got the pattern from, but isn’t it a beauty with the little French knots and how it shoes how the machine is threaded. I think it might have been free with a magazine someone gave to me years ago.

How cute is this little sewing machine – swoon!

Anyway, I stupidly used a really tiny scrap of fabric to make it on. And then realised I had no way of framing it. Then I found some lovely tiny vintage looking frames, and realised if I put it inside the frame the glass squished the French knots. I’m not a naturally gifted French knotter, so if I make some I like I don’t want them squished 🙂

Then I suddenly thought, “Ooh, make it into a pin cushion.”

Because I had used a lovely vintage look aida fabric to sew it on, the border would have to compliment that. Cast your eye back to my column where I made cushions for a music festival. At that time I bought some cushions which were bargains in a sale to use the insides for the festival. But the cushion covers were still in my random craft stash and were just the right shade to use.

I measured the tiny piece of fabric I had sewn the cross stitch on (which is only 7cm x 6cm) and cut four pieces of fabric to sew on as borders. I sewed the side pieces on first, then joined them up with the top and bottom pieces.

Craft Rocks: Sewing machine pin cushion recycling fun
The little machine surrounded by old cushion cover fabric

Then I searched my fat quarter fabric stash and found this lovely thread fabric. So I used it for the back of the pin cushion, and cut some “hand made with love” ribbon to fasten into it as a tag so it could be hung up if wanted.

And what did I stuff it with? Do you remember my column where I upcycled my old sofa bed? I have a huge bag of leftover sofa cushion stuffing from that project, so I used some of it to stuff the pin cushions. Nothing goes to waste at Craft Rocks HQ!

Craft Rocks: Sewing machine pin cushion recycling fun
The lovely backing fabric and ribbon

So here is the finished pin cushion. I’m really pleased with this project – it’s used a leftover scrap of aida, leftover threads from old cross stitch kits, an old cushion cover, a fat quarter I bought years ago, some ribbon I was given, and old sofa stuffing. So it cost me nothing apart from my time and I had fun making it so that time was well spent.

Craft Rocks: Sewing machine pin cushion recycling fun
The finished pin cushion

I made this for a friend but (as usual) want to keep it for myself… I really must start making two of everything! Oh look… they’re breeding – yippee!

Craft Rocks: Sewing machine pin cushion recycling fun
Yippee – now I can have one too!

Have you upcycled anything into a pin cushion? I bet there are lots of lovely upcycled versions around.

Cost: Nothing!

Best music for this project: Living on a Prayer by Bon Jovi (they have a new album out so I’m re-living my youth!)

Best cake for this project: Butterfly cakes

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