Craft Rocks: The complimentary compact

Craft enthusiast Jo Burgess explores the world of needlecraft in this exclusive column for Mr X Stitch!

I don’t wear much make up, but I’ve never had good skin so I do love this powder which is made up of various colours and makes my little shiny red cheeks look a bit calmer during the day. However inevitably the powder comes to an end and I get left with a mirror in a case. I always think it’s a waste to just throw this away.

The bulging compact which ends up empty but with a good box and mirror leftover

So I came up with a plan to upcycle one to cheer someone’s day. Every time I buy a new one of these it comes with a little make up pad which I never use. That gave me an idea… so I cleaned up the case and gave the mirror a shine. Then I gave the top of the case where the branding is a quick wipe down and cut some tape which I stuck round the sides and randomly on the top to make a design.

Craft Rocks: The complimentary compact
The compact all taped up

Then I sprayed it with silver paint we already had to make it pop a bit, and to cover up the logo on it. I removed the tape and got left with a nice geometric design.

Craft Rocks sprayed compact
The sprayed exterior

Next I took the little make up pad and wrote a phrase on it. A complimentary one, the type you want your mirror to say to you when you’re checking your complexion during the day. I chose some funky bright green cross stitch thread and embroidered the phrase so it jumped off the pad.

Craft Rocks: The complimentary compact
The little powder pad all stitched up

Then I put it inside the upcycled compact and will give it to a friend. Now every time she checks her make up during the day, she will not only have her own bespoke mirror in a little box, she will get a lovely compliment from it too.

Craft Rocks finished compact
The finished complimentary compact – you look great!

Compact – already had
Paint – already had
Pad – already had
Thread – already had
Total – FREE upcycle, woo hoo!

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Best music to upcycle to: I Love Rock and Roll by Joan Jett

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