Craft Rocks: The complimentary compact

Craft enthusiast Jo Burgess explores the world of needlecraft in this exclusive column for Mr X Stitch!

I don’t wear much make up, but I’ve never had good skin so I do love this powder which is made up of various colours and makes my little shiny red cheeks look a bit calmer during the day. However inevitably the powder comes to an end and I get left with a mirror in a case. I always think it’s a waste to just throw this away.

The bulging compact which ends up empty but with a good box and mirror leftover

So I came up with a plan to upcycle one to cheer someone’s day. Every time I buy a new one of these it comes with a little make up pad which I never use. That gave me an idea… so I cleaned up the case and gave the mirror a shine. Then I gave the top of the case where the branding is a quick wipe down and cut some tape which I stuck round the sides and randomly on the top to make a design.

The compact all taped up

Then I sprayed it with silver paint we already had to make it pop a bit, and to cover up the logo on it. I removed the tape and got left with a nice geometric design.

Craft Rocks sprayed compact
The sprayed exterior

Next I took the little make up pad and wrote a phrase on it. A complimentary one, the type you want your mirror to say to you when you’re checking your complexion during the day. I chose some funky bright green cross stitch thread and embroidered the phrase so it jumped off the pad.

The little powder pad all stitched up

Then I put it inside the upcycled compact and will give it to a friend. Now every time she checks her make up during the day, she will not only have her own bespoke mirror in a little box, she will get a lovely compliment from it too.

Craft Rocks finished compact
The finished complimentary compact – you look great!

Compact – already had
Paint – already had
Pad – already had
Thread – already had
Total – FREE upcycle, woo hoo!

Best cake to upcycle to: Angel cakes
Best music to upcycle to: I Love Rock and Roll by Joan Jett

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Jo Burgess

Originally from Northern Ireland, Jo Burgess is a craft crazy rock music loving gal based in England. With a career including time spent as a motorsport journalist in England, in the film industry in Northern Ireland, and working on ghost tours in Scotland, her background is as mixed up as her love of craft. Jo will try her hand at anything and loves learning a new skill with tea and cake, crafty friends and great music blasting out of her speakers. Cross stitch, electronics, sewing, beadwork, glass fusing - she loves it all, and through this column Jo hopes to pass her love of different crafts, music and (of course) cake on to you. Craft rocks!

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