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Our loyal followers may remember our Tooled Up column, where we regularly reviewed products.

Now and again (for now) we will be bringing back this column, showing you what’s new and worthwhile!  😉

Embroidery hoops are a basic requirement for any stitcher – what’s on the market right now?

We got shown these beauts by Trimits (if you want to find a stockist near you, just drop them a line!

Embroidery hoops in wood, in two different sizes.
Embroidery hoops in bamboo, in two different sizes.


The ones above are 6″ and 12″, having one of each is a good idea, we found the large ones great for when we were working on larger projects, so we didn’t have to keep moving the bit of fabric we were working on in and out of the hoop to find our place.  The smaller side is ideal for travel…we take ours on trains and all modes of public transport. 😉

If you require a hoop with a contemporary material or just fancy a bit of colour in your life, these ones by Milward are awesome:

What size and colour will you choose? Milward hoops in different sizes.
What size and colour will you choose?

There are tiny ones available (see the pink in the picture) or the larger…all great options depending on your project idea.

The suppliers tell us:

This lovely set of new hoops from Milward is hard to resist! Designed for use with all fabric types from organza to heavy denim, the clever groove locks the hoops firmly together when tightened, ensuring fabric is held securely and avoiding any slippage. The set includes the most popular sizes; 3”/7.6cm, 5”/12.7cm, 7”/17.8cm and 9”/22.9cm. Each hoop size is in a different colour to make it easy to select the right one for every project. Made from 100% polyester.

Another option…..If you want to try one durable hoop in between sizes, why not think about this 7″ Clover hoop:

7" clover hoop, plastic and packaged ready to purchase.
7″ clover hoop, plastic and packaged ready to purchase.

Clover of course don’t just do hoops, we were recently given a view of their other products:

Range of products available from Clover.
Range of products available from Clover.

You can read more about this range via the Clover Website, or why not email this address to find out where to purchase near you?

The embroidery stitch tool they offer is something which may be new to us.  (Pictured as one of the items in the image above)  To help us out the clever people have made a little film to show its use, click on that link to check it out!

There is so much more out there now, its not just a needle and thread…why not get with the trend?

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