Debra Smith

Oh man! I love LOVE finding works that collide fine art abstraction with fiber explorations.

Debra Smith - Art Quilts

Debra Smith has a knack for taking fabric and making it sing!

Just look at the details and small piece work she does to let the fabric speak for its self.

Debra Smith - Art Quilts

What do these make you think of?

Debra Smith - Yielding Resistance - Quilt

Debra Smith - Releasing Form 1 - Quilt

Debra Smith - Yielding Resistance 4 - Quilt

I see so much domesticity in these images.
So interesting!

LUKE Haynes is a trained Architect using his skills mostly for good. His work can be seen at his site and the associated blog. He is a full time Quilter and sometimes blogger, whose work is showing across the country and soon the world.