The Cutting (& Stitching) Edge – Lauren Van Der Kolk

Contemporary embroidery art via Mr X Stitch

Lauren Van Der Kolk is an embroidery artist from the Netherlands.

Lauren van der Kolk - embroidery illustration


“Lauren is a creative all-rounder, and tries to make a combination of the different academies she has followed. “Creatives of our time go beyond specialize within a discipline, the lines between the different directions are so thin, and creativity connect them” says Lauren.

Lauren van der Kolk - embroidery illustration
“Lauren is now working under the name LVDK. where she is focused on her project “the lady who sew” since June 2012. The sketches are on paper, fashion oriented, elaborated on the sewing machine. The treats are hanging outside of the passepatout, creating an exciting lines. “I love the fragile, the simple line of the form translated, they are always women, much more attractive to draw, and beautiful forms.”

Lauren van der Kolk - embroidery illustration

This kind of work seems to be pretty trendy right now. Artists like Marloes Duyker and Nike Schroeder have similar approaches, taking machine embroidery and creating vivid forms with them. It’s great to see this method of embroidery successfully make the jump to commercial embroidery and it can only help push against the traditional paradigms about stitching.

Lauren van der Kolk - embroidery illustration

The dangling threads add an element of decay, and bring motion to the piece. I find my feelings chop and change with these works. Sometimes they capture me, and sometimes they leave me cold. I guess that makes them art. Either way, they are pretty cool and I’ll be interested to how Lauren’s journey evolves.


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