DMC’s 1000 Patterns Project

The fine folks at DMC have been working on a project that has created a terrific resource for all of us stitchers who like to mashup existing designs and make our own versions. Introducing the 1000 Patterns Project!

DMC 1000 Patterns Project

Here at DMC we believe everyone has the power to create with their own hands. We make the tools for self expression on any canvas you choose (whether its jazzing up this jeans or twisting up that classic white tee) – from needles to almost 500 colours of thread to choose from and free patterns! Rather that pick up a novel this summer holiday, why not pick up a hoop and start stitching! 

The 1000 Patterns Project recognises a modern craft audience and presents a curated selection of inspiration every Sunday. Using artists from across the world, these designs range from sky to sea through to flora and fauna and geometric shapes. Once downloaded the pdf pack guides users through the kit they will need and even outlines each stitch – as well as the giving the opportunity to purchase the equipment in its entirety.”

The number of patterns available on the site continues to grow and there’s bound to be something in there that you’ll enjoy – so go check it out!