Domestitchery- Fun Autumn Holiday Decorating


Domestitchery is where we take a look at how talented people make ordinary domestic items extraordinary through creative needlework.

Autumn is here in the Northern Hemisphere and at least in North America that means a couple of holidays rich with decorative possibilities!

First up is October 31: Hallowe’en! When children hidden behind masks have traditionally gone door-to-door begging/demanding candy and adults disguised in costumes go party-to-party begging/demanding booze.


WildPinkRoses stitched up this sassy little pillow titled “Smell My Feet”* for her etsy shop where she has several fun Hallowe’en stitches.

Next up is November 1-2:  Dia de los Muertos, a.k.a Day of the Dead, a Mexican holiday where family members honor their deceased loved ones.


RawBone Studio created this Papel Picado Pillow for a friend’s birthday using traditional Dia de los Muertos skull and skeleton imagery and applying papel picado techniques to felt then embroidery to attach.  Her flickr photostream shows many more skull-inspired projects, some for sale in her etsy store.

While these two holidays share some imagery and fall back-to-back on the calendar, they are quite different in meaning and origin. Follow the links to learn more.

*Remember the charmingly sing-song rhyme?
Trick or treat!
Smell my feet!
Gimme something good to eat!

Keep it classy, Hallowe’en.

The Mistress T is a scumbler and plastrix by day and a craft dabbler by night. Her mottoes include “any excuse for a costume” and “there’s no such thing as too much carpincho.”