The Cutting (& Stitching) Edge – Eliot BK

Contemporary embroidery art via Mr X Stitch

Eliot BK is a mixed media artist from Berlin. He blends cross stitch with graphic art to great effect.

Eliot not only stitches, he draws, he paints, he beatboxes. He is one cool dude. He has previously exhibited a collection of embroidered works, featuring the tools of his trade.

As a cross stitcher myself, it’s really interesting to see Eliot’s approach to his work, which clearly comes from a graffiti standpoint.

There’s a looseness to the design and use of colour that intrigues me, and echoes the freeform approach that graffiti requires.

Not content with this cool collection of pieces, Eliot’s work has evolved to make more use of the canvas, and to incorporate other elements into the work. His new series of Embroidroids illustrates his development perfectly.

Similar to MimiLoveForever, a terrific amount of work and creativity is embedded onto the canvas before a single stitch is sewn. It’s a bold move, but Eliot pulls it off to great effect. There’s a real vibrancy and excitement about the work, and I think it perfectly reflects Eliot’s artistry.

Definitely someone to keep your eyes on, I’m excited to see what Eliot comes up with next.

You can find Eliot in different parts of the interwebs – his Flickr is a good place to see his work. As he would say “Voll! Super!” 🙂


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