Book Review – Embroidered Country Gardens

Mr X Stitch Book Review

Embroidered Country Gardens by Lorna Bateman

Published by Search Press

Introduction A note from the author ‘For me, there is nothing more rewarding than seeing someone who has never embroidered before, or perhaps may have only attempted cross-stitch or tapestry, suddenly discovering the enjoyment of creating textured and three-dimensional stitches, and using them to create flowers, landscapes and stumpwork designs or even incorporating them in crazy patchwork.  I adore flowers, and draw great inspiration from nature. I hope this book will encourage you to share my passion and, most importantly, to develop your own skills, design ideas and style. Enjoy stitching!’ Yet will we?  Lets find out more about this publication…. About the artist Lorna Bateman was born and grew up in South Africa, where she first taught embroidery. A qualified high school teacher, she emigrated to the UK in 1999, where she settled with her 3 sons. She has gone on to create her own business here, working full time, teaching and designing embroidery kits. Teaching is Lorna’s passion! Her goal is to try and encourage people to try as many different forms of embroidery as possible, using a kit as an aid to move onto working and experimenting with their own designs. The book takes embroiderers that one step further, encouraging them to design and create their own gardens, with the aid of her patterns and ideas. Embroidered Country Gardens…what is it about? Who is it aimed at? We would say those with a keen interest in learning the more traditional side of embroidery, coupled with a love of the floral!  The stitches and projects within can be tailored and made to suit our own individual style. Content
How does your garden grow? This publication deals with everything from the basics to the more complex stitches. Where to start? Just follow this guide…
Embroidered Country Gardens
Introduction to explain what we will discover.
There is a great section depicting the tools required for the embroidery we will action. Tricky questions such as which scissors to use are covered – the things we might think are too basic to ask someone else.
What makes it special? Although it is on the traditional side of embroidery, don’t be mistaken into thinking this book on Embroidered Country Gardens is old fashioned.  We loved the placement of text to image, see this example:
We love the use of the hoop space!
The illustrations are a sweet touch….from painting to embroidery.
Large images are illustrated in a large format, to bookmark each separate section.
There are staged images of the projects, showing how books can inspire the embroideries.
All the projects you can make!
What is wrong with the book? If you don’t like the floral, then you wont like this book – that’s all we can think of! Conclusion Embroidered Country Gardens by Lorna Bateman Published by Search Press Get it now!