Enjoy Some Creative Family Fun Through Textiles

87% of parents worry that they don’t spend enough time with their children. Spending quality time together, away from screens, is important, and through textiles you can really show your children how to be creative and use their imaginations. You can start a family embroidery project that everyone contributes to or make a personalized quilt, with individual squares representing the things that bring you all joy and unite you together. You can even play some games with blankets, entertaining the little ones and transporting them to a whole new world – or even another universe. Through textiles you can spend some fun time together and really inspire your children to be creative. 

Blanket games for little ones

A blanket isn’t just something to keep you warm – it can become the walls of a castle, the table for a teddy bear’s picnic or even a magic carpet to travel the world on. Constructing a blanket fort with your children is free and easy fun, and you don’t need any specialist equipment, just something to secure your blankets with. The backs of a couple of dining chairs are perfect to drape your blankets over and create a little sanctuary where you can read books together, color pictures and share some tasty snacks. Or you could embrace your inner Jasmine and Aladdin, and use your blankets to go on a magic carpet ride to discover a whole new world. Just look out for that genie in a lamp! 

An embroidered family story

In the 1400s there was the Bayeux Tapestry, depicting the Norman Conquest and the Battle of Hastings. In the 21st Century, you could create your own family story using textiles and embroidery. Natural, woven fabrics are generally best to embroider onto, so you might want to choose silk, linen, wool or cotton for your background. Together you can tell the story of your family, adding children and dates of birth. You could embroider pictures to represent special times that you have enjoyed together, such as holidays or major family events like weddings. 

Making a memory blanket

A memory blanket made of quilted squares is a lovely project for the winter months when it gets dark early. You can use different embroidery techniques to build up a beautiful picture of happy memories. You could ask each family member to contribute a few squares each, finally stitching them together to make one beautiful blanket. Memory blankets are often given as gifts, or even framed and hung on the wall to admire as a wonderful keepsake. It is a lovely idea to use items of clothing as the fabric for your squares, such as a babygrow, or the logo from a much-loved t-shirt. 

The time that you spend with your children is important – playing games and exploring creative ways to have fun is an essential part of development. Through textiles your child can use their imagination, express themselves and create wonderful memories. 

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