Color, Thread and Free-Motion Quilting

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by Christine Cunningham
Book review - Color, thread and free-motion quilting by Teri Lucas
Color, thread and free-motion quilting by Teri Lucas


At Mr X Stitch we love to review textile art and embroidery books for you. There are so many great books to discover, packed with needlework inspiration and textile techniques, so we dive into each book to find out what’s good, what’s bad and let you know why you should pick it up. Here’s what we think of Color, thread and free-motion quilting by Teri Lucas, published by C&T PUBLISHING.

In Color, thread and free-motion quilting by Teri Lucas you will learn how colour, thread, and motif come together to create the quilt of your dreams! Machine quilters can get free-motion tips to boost your confidence. Make your thread a design element.


You can visit Teri’s website where she has been ‘Giving Quilters Permission Since 2009’ , offering workshops, lectures and private tuition on free-motion quilting.

Book review - Color, thread and free-motion quilting by Teri Lucas
Teri Lucas – Chief Quilting Weirdo at TerifiCreations


Machine quilters who are looking for inspiration and instruction on developing colour, thread and machine practices, whether beginners or seasoned quilters. But anyone interested in craft can apply this routine of exploration to their own niche.


This book offers a wealth of practical information – tools, sewing machine knowhow, threads and needles, applying the colour wheel to fabric and thread, being inspired by Nature, line drawing, machine quilting rules and problem solving. There are 36 designs to try with lots of tips throughout and encouragement from Teri to explore and have fun. Themes of colour, thread and machine quilting are clearly outlined making this book user friendly and time efficient.

Book review - Color, thread and free-motion quilting by Teri Lucas
bat scooters aid – grips the quilt and eases tension


The imagery detailing colour and design alongside practical information makes this a quilters ‘bible’ of reference. Beautifully balanced, practical and user friendly. Thread detail is celebrated with good photography.

Book review - Color, thread and free-motion quilting by Teri Lucas
beautiful photography – thread detail


”Sometimes we just need to give ourselves permission to explore, fail, and try again… Go quilt with reckless abandon.” Teri encourages readers to be playful, develop a daily practice of exploration into colour and thread, with 36 designs to try. Informative with great tips and detailed imagery.

Book review - Color, thread and free-motion quilting by Teri Lucas
inspired by Nature – lilly pads


If you are not a machine quilter you may think this one is not for you, but anybody interested in design or craft can apply this information – being inspired by Nature, developing line drawing, experimenting with colour, nurturing a daily practice, building a stash, thinking outside of the box and having fun!


Get your copy of Color, Thread & Free-Motion Quilting: Learn to Stitch with Reckless Abandon Plus 36 Quilting Designs ( and support independent bookshops.

Christine Cunningham

Creating art from recycled materials using traditional methods (applique, patchwork, quilting) with a modern exploration into fabric manipulation and padded structure. Unusual materials include hair, plastic, rubber, metal, disintegrating fabrics and found objects. I source my treasures from carboot sales, charity shops and freecycle. Original poetry captures the essence of an experience, an emotional layering to which the viewer can relate on a personal level. I have two bodies of work. The Natural Collection explores abstract flower design and the seasons, religion, visions of India and Buddhism, childhood nostalgia and the seaside. The Womanhood Collection explores natural states of being including breast cancer, sexuality, the ageing process, anatomy, love, fragility and independence. I was inspired by my own experiences of breast cancer, both the physical brutality and fragility of living in the aftermath.

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