Erika Hagberg - Cherry Blossom - hand embroidery

Erika Hagberg | Modern Beadwork

Erika Hagberg is a tapestry painting artist from Minnesota, US.

Erika Hagberg - Pahoehoe - hand embroidery

“Erika brings into her “Women’s Art” the dimensions of form, shadow, and line, enabling the viewer to feel the sensuality without the manifestation of lust, which is so often the focus of commercial nudity. In today’s world of gut-retching pornography in both the printed page and digital technology, people have lost touch with the exquisiteness of fine art. 

Erika Hagberg - Desiree - hand embroidery

” The human form has been the subject of artists throughout history, with male artists dominating the art world with their own political and sexual agendas as they interpret the male and female bodies.  The world is changing in their views of women, allowing them to unleash their potential in every walk of  life. Who could better understand the spirit and body of the female better than a female inspired by the love of a female?

Erika Hagberg - Betcee's Seduction - hand embroidery

We’ve featured Erika’s work on NSFW Saturdays for the past few weeks, and with good reason. She really nails the erotic image and produces pieces that are charged with sexuality, but aren’t too in your face. There’s a classic feel to some of the pieces, that is reminiscent of the best of erotica of a bygone age, but the work remains in a contemporary context.

Erika Hagberg - Cherry Blossom - hand embroidery

The stitches provide depth and texture, the beaded hair is an effective solution, and the characters make you want to reach out and touch them. Or maybe touch yourself. I won’t lie, it’s exciting stuff.

Erika Hagberg - Raven Hair - hand embroidery

You can find out more about Erika at her website. I hope we see more of her work in the future.

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