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Erin Endicott is a textile artist from New Jersey.

Her pieces of work, Healing Sutras, are meditations on physical and psychological wounds, created using antique fabrics, walnut ink and embroidery. It’s powerful stuff, simple yet extremely effective.

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On her website, Erin explains her process:

Antique fabrics, clothing and linens
My dowry passed down through generations
My history woven into this cloth
A fine cotton tablecloth
Lovingly mended by my great-grandmother
Becomes a little girl’s dress

Delicate cloth
Beautifully worn and threadbare
Stained by an artist’s hand
Walnut ink flowing into complex organic shapes
Subtleties of value, depth
Bringing the wound to life

Lost in the meditation of stitching
Repetition, contemplation
From within the fabric
Memories reveal themselves

Stitches, like words
The story grows
Lines graceful, unfurling
Drawing with thread
The Healing begins

Erin’s work creates beauty from tragedy – the embroidered wounds’ realism are enhanced with the walnut ink, layering the pieces with history and evoking a narrative laced with poignancy.

Erin captured Best in Show at Fiberart International 2010 for her piece, Healing Sutra #3.  The awards were announced April 16, 2010 at the opening of the triennial exhibition presented by the Fiberarts Guild of Pittsburgh.

You can see her work in a group show called “Voices in the Bardo” at Shadow’s Space Gallery in Philadelphia, PA until 25th June. For more information about her work, visit her website.

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