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The Kingpin of Contemporary Embroidery. Committed to changing the way the world thinks about needlecraft.
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A Kitten Fixing A Computer

Big thanks to everyone who is a subscriber to our RSS feed. It’s a great way to get stitchy inspiration straight into your Inbox, and if you’ve not subscribed yet, feel free to do so!

For quite a while we’ve been using a service called Feedblitz for sending the weekly RSS feed emails but, truth be told, it’s not been 100% satisfactory.

So we’re making a change using Mailchimp for our feed emails instead. We use Mailchimp for our occasional emails and it’s great. If you want try it for yourself, sign up here!

We’ll be sending out digest emails on Sundays and Wednesdays so you can enjoy the multitude of magnificent media that we produce at your own leisure.

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Inevitably there will be a bit of kerfuffle in the transition, but as you can see from the photo of our tech support guy, we’ve got it covered!

Thanks for your patience!

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