Fine Cell Work – New Product Range

Fine Cell Work, the unofficial charity of Mr X Stitch, have got a new set of products available for purchase!Fine Cell Work's Tattoo Inspired Cushions

These tattoo inspired cushions are individually handmade by prisoners throughout the UK.  As with all their products, all embroidering and Tapestry work is carried out by hand with embroidery needles. Our stitchers use machines only for finishing cushions, ie for adding the pad and where necessary piping. This work is also carried out in prison.

Each cushion comes with the details of the individual who stitched it, and customers are actively encouraged to write to the prisoners who made their pieces as it is a really positive outcome for them and often inspires them to carry on. This letter from a prisoner is a fantastic example of how the Fine Cell Work experience benefits those involved.

You can see the other new designs, including cushions with Johnny Cash lyrics,  on their products page. And don’t forget, the prisoners receive a share of the money for producing the goods, so it really is a terrific way to get a high quality piece of embroidery while helping out a very valid cause.

We’ve got more information about Fine Cell Work here, and you can visit their site to find out even more and see how you can get involved.