Gillian Bates - Brighton Carousel - Machine Embroidery

Gillian Bates – Stitching The Vernacular

Contemporary embroidery art via Mr X Stitch

Gillian Bates is an artist from Eastbourne, UK, who uses machine embroidery to capture intimate memories of seaside Britain, presenting a timeless catalogue of understated vernaculars.

Gillian Bates - Eastbourne Promenade - Machine Embroidery
Eastbourne Promenade – Machine Embroidery

Whether it’s pictures of piers or icecream or seagulls, Gillian’s work shows you perfect moments in coastal towns. She says the following about her work: “I believe that habit and habitat draw a veil over our eyes. We become so accustomed to the people and places we see everyday that eventually we fail to see them properly at all. My aim is to pull back the veil and in doing so reveal the extraordinary and beautiful wonder of everyday life.

Gillian Bates - Hurst Pierpoint - Machine Embroidery
Hurst Pierpoint – Machine Embroidery

“I hope to do this by exploring the notion that man and landscape are part of the same, essential fabric and as such are seemingly stitched together – inextricably inter-connected and inter-dependent. By recapturing and reconceptualising the seemingly humdrum moments of everyday life in this way I hope to rediscover in them some fresh and revealing connections.”

Gillian Bates - Eastbourne Bus - Machine Embroidery
Eastbourne Bus – Machine Embroidery

She continues: “Recently I have felt more and more compelled to explore and celebrate my local environment. The brilliantly idiosyncratic, seaside towns of Sussex, their wonderful residents and stunning architecture continue to be the single, greatest driving force behind my work and a constant source of enjoyment and inspiration. “

My grandparents lived near Brighton, and I know these places and spaces and moments. I’ve had a few of them. Mine also include watching my grandfather’s dog chase after her ball high upon the cliffs, and picking cockles out of rock pools. But I digress…

Gillian Bates - Brighton Carousel - Machine Embroidery
Brighton Carousel – Machine Embroidery

In the same way that Rosie James immortalises moments in busy life, Gillian captures the joy in the quiet pleasures of the outdoor life. Explore more of her work at her website; you can buy some from her etsy shop, or see her other work on her Instagram.

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