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Girli Concrete blows my mind.
Girli Concrete 1
It is an “R&D project (for Tactility Factory) that aims to create innovative ‘soft’ building surfaces. It challenges the perception of textiles as the ‘dressing’ to structure and instead integrates textile technologies into the production of building products. Tactility Factory is a collaboration between Belford (textiles) and Morrow (architecture). Its conceptual challenge is MAINSTREAMING TACTILITY in the Built Environment.” It’s awesome.
Girli Concrete 2
Concrete is imbued with textiles bringing a synergy of hard and soft, and of form and function. Rarely has concrete looked so good.
Girli Concrete 3
The project has been going since 2005, and is generating a lot of interest. It’s a terrific idea with huge potential. Visit their blog to find out more. And then feel clever as you tell your friends about this remarkable project. Just remember where you saw it first! 🙂
Girli Concrete 4

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