The Cutting (& Stitching) Edge – Hagar Vardimon van Heummen

Welcome to the Cutting (& Stitching) Edge - the best textile art in the world

Welcome to the Cutting (& Stitching) Edge, where we showcase people whose embroidered creativity is fresh and new!

Hagar Vardimon, aka Happy Red Fish, is a mixed-media artist from Amsterdam in the Netherlands. She contacted me about her work and I was interested to find out more.

“My work has always been about storytelling. I am fascinated by visual storytelling creating a dialog between a text and an image, the text can play a part in a work or be the trigger behind it.

“Using needle and thread allows me the freedom to build up a story, to create something new and give me the pleasure of most of the time being surprised (and happy) by the result.

“Recently I started to work with thread on paper, the extra dimension given by the thread brings new and exciting possibilities. In the future I will be more experimenting and creating – with love and a smile of course.”

I like Hagar’s work, the hand embroideries have an eccentric humour that reminds me of Porterness, her plush toys are quirky and charming, and it’s always interesting to see another approach to stitching on paper.

Hagar produces a lot of work in other media, so a quick trip through her blog will connect you with this humorous and creative artist.