The Cutting (& Stitching) Edge – Miki Sato

Contemporary embroidery art via Mr X StitchMiki Sato is an illustrator from Toronto, Canada, who uses textiles in her work with charm and style.

Miki Sato -  Natural Brew embroidered textile collage

I use a technique that involves the layering of different surfaces and textiles, creating three-dimensional and tactile pieces.”

Miki Sato - Understand embroidered textile collage

I really enjoy working with all types of surfaces including papers, fabrics and sometimes thread. I hope to create delicate and soft pieces, that hopefully brings a unique view to an otherwise mundane situation.”

Miki Sato - Fishbones embroidered textile collage

I find Miki’s style to quite enchanting. There’s a simple elegance to her illustrative style that carries throughout her work and she translates between drawn work and stitched work with ease.

Miki Sato - Car Crash embroidered textile collage

Similar to the stitched collage work of Raquel Alves, Miki’s delicate stitching brings these pieces together and, well, I could look at them all day. They are simple and lovely.

Miki Sato - Jackalope embroidered textile collage


Visit Miki’s website to see more of her work, or follow along at her blog.


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