Book Review – Modern Cross Stitch by Hannah Sturrock

Hannah Sturrock - Modern Cross Stitch Hannah “Bobo Stitch” Sturrock has been on the cross stitch scene for a few years now and it was great to get a copy of her new book Modern Cross Stitch. Bobo Stitch has some intelligent designs, that reflect Hannah’s thoughtful approach to the subject and the book is an extension of this ethos. Modern Cross Stitch by Hannah Sturrock - Chairs The main strength of this book is the breadth of surfaces that you are encouraged to try. From the traditional canvas to soluble fabric to walls and chairs, Hannah’s designs break free from the hoop fairly early on, and don’t seem to look back.

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As you’d expect there’s a good amount of technique pages, including the stitch types you’ll need and some useful sections on mounting embroidery. The instructions are clear with simple diagrams that should help you get going. Modern Cross Stitch by Hannah Sturrock - Hand Embroidery Hannah’s designs are nice and fresh, grouped into themes – For A Nature Lover and For The Home are among them – and within those themes are a range of projects with a range of skills levels. Hannah identifies Stitching Skill Level and Material Skill Level, so if the prospect of stitching on a chair seems a bit daunting, you can easily switch to a different material and have a go. Modern Cross Stitch is a good mix of design and difficulty, with designs that have complex colour combinations or use glow in the dark thread, to patterns that will be completed in an hour. It’s a nice addition to any library of cross stitch books and a great book for stitchers at all levels. Modern Cross Stitch by Hannah Sturrock - Tags Modern Cross Stitch by Hannah Sturrock is published by Cico Books and is available from all good retailers. Why not get yours via our Amazon link?
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