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Contemporary embroidery art via Mr X Stitch

Helen Sill is a mixed media artist from Hampshire, England.

Helen Sill

“I use paper cloth and stitch to try to make sense of my world.  I draw into paper and cloth and  using hand stitch and free machine embroidery in an attempt to convey a personal story.   At the moment I am using the power of stitch to make books, boxes and pictures. 

Helen Sill - Cubes

“I am inspired by great works of art, great artists and the female (i.e. my!) experience.  I respect the huge tradition of embroidery and believe it needs to constantly evolve to be relevant in today’s society.  Textile art needs to be more out there in the public domain.””

Helen Sill - Wall Pieces

I met Helen at this year’s London Knitting & Stitching Show and thought her work was really interesting. Filled with stream of consciousness commentary and spontaneous doodles that are converted to stitch, her art pieces are encapsulated thoughts made real.

Helen Sill - Stitched Doodles

There’s a rawness to Helen’s work that fits in nicely with the unfiltered content she creates – an examination of her pieces, which she makes for deliberate interaction, is a wander through her unconscious and a showcase of her thoughts on life, art and a whole lot more. It’s a nice idea and I look forward to seeing how it evolves.

Helen Sill - Cubes

Find out more about Helen at her website.


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