Hélène Caperna

Hélène Caperna classes herself as a visual artist – lives and works in Montreuil.

We found her work at first over on Instagram, and she has a great account you can view here.

The body of work which we wanted to focus on…..

‘My dear departed – Tribute – Work in progress’

Bone marrow, various tissues

Variable dimensions: height between 2 and 10 cm – about 50 pieces

Due to the artists’ website being in French, with little explanation about the work, we have to make our own conclusions. We will document the work via imagery below……

So, we spy a few types of media in this work, including felt, embroidery and patterned fabric.

We love the underlying darker concept, with its colourful exterior. Its delightful, yet with a mournful message surrounding loss.

The sculptures are yes, bone marrow, yet they seem to be celebrated here, an ode to a family member lost, to celebrate their life rather than remember in sorrow.

Hélène Caperna has her own blog, which can be translated from French. Go check it out!