Courtney Cox Pandemic PORTRAIT

Courtney Cox

Courtney Cox is an Austin-based embroidery artist who makes free hand portrait and figurative pieces that cast a critical eye on modern times. Find out more at Mr X Stitch!

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Ruri Clarkson

Today we focus on the career of textile art designer Ruri Clarkson. This artist works as a visual artist who delves into feminist issues. They are translated and vocalised via illustrations and embroidery. She depicts fantastical scenes, fairytale visuals and motifs, often grounded in Chinese embroidery.

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Linda Friedman Schmidt

For this Stitchgasm we want to focus on the painterly textiles based work of Linda Friedman Schmidt. She is a German born artist who is currently based in America. Her work is textiles based with a real fine art painterly vibe. It also reminds us of traditional crafts like rag rug making. She uses her own personal clothing in each piece so it is personal and fills in other areas of her works with mixed media substances.

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Hélène Caperna

In this Stitchgasm we take a look at the mixed media sculpture work by Hélène Caperna. She is a French artist and one who looks at serious themes in a colourful way, using felt and fabric together.

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Mary Carson

Our stitchgasm focuses on Mary Carson a textile artist. She focuses on portraits and has been inspired by the artist Sue Stone. She likes to tell a story through her work and often uses her own family as inspiration as well as the history of the local area of America where she lives. Her work is hand stitched and painted.

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