Irem Yazici - The Island Of Many Blessings

Irem Yazici – Embroidered Orchestrations

Irem Yazici, aka BaoBap, is a hand embroidery artist from Eskisehir, Turkey.

Irem Yazici - Music for the Light Beings
Irem Yazici – Music for the Light Beings

Inspired by the mystical and fantastic stuff, my works mainly consist of surreal worlds and characters. To create my own realm gives me an opportunity to be comfortable with expressing my visions and day dreams. I search for texture, pattern and colour while creating these worlds and experiment with traditional hand embroidery techniques to find my own artistic ways to use them.

One of the keywords that describes my work the best is “maximalist” as I do not like to limit myself with the techniques, materials and colors to create a wider field of exploration.

Irem Yazici - Ad Astra
Irem Yazici – Ad Astra

How did your technique evolve?

Textile art is a field that is abundant by the techniques and materials. In my humble opinion this creates an infinite number of style variations. The one thing that keeps me passionate about textile art that it always motivates you to keep experiment and explore new ways of making something.

I started embroidery in 2014, and I always had a visual urge and an insight to combine different techniques in a work. Even in my earlier works which some of them were miniature embroidered landscapes, my approach was to use variety of techniques together in a piece.

It’s because for me, each technique is akin to the way a letter corresponds to a specific sound. I feel like I’m creating an orchestra out of visual vocabularies in each work by combining different techniques. I love how this enrichens the texture and gives the embroidery, some depth.

Irem Yazici - The Path of Enlightened
Irem Yazici – The Path of Enlightened

Where do you think your creativity is taking you?

My creativity is not only a kind of a source of life to me, it also is a tool for me to express my soul. As I spend more time being an artist, I feel like I’m having a better understanding of myself. I sometimes use it as a mirror to see what’s inside my mind and heart.

In my humble opinion, one could use creativity to realise themselves, which aligns to the ultimate purpose of life in finding a creative way to express one’s truth. It is because art is one of the greatest tools to help manifest our unique presence.

I think the farthest point my creativity would take me would be this; to realize myself through my creativity and my art.

Irem Yazici - The Harpist Mantis
Irem Yazici – The Harpist Mantis

What other artists inspire you?

I have so many favourite artists from different mediums who inspired me and amaze me every day. Lately I have been enjoying Ben Styer’s magical paintings. Hine Mizushama is an all-time favourite of mine with her textile sculptures. I will always keep admiring at La Filature’s fabric collage seascapes. I find Daria Tessler’s approach to pattern and texture very intriguing. David Jien is making the art that I would never get bored of looking at it.

Irem Yazici - The Queen of Hearts
Irem Yazici – The Queen of Hearts

What is your favourite tool to use in your practice?

My favourite embroidery tool is my embroidery stand. I can’t even imagine making a single stitch without it. It’s a life saver since it helps me to maintain good posture while embroidering.

Irem Yazici - The Harpist Mantis (detail)
Irem Yazici – The Harpist Mantis (detail)

Can you share one creative tip with our readers?

I would encourage anybody to not to hesitate to make mistakes. There is no right and wrong in the art world. To focus on the process is the most fun. Having fun with what you make what keeps you being creative.

Irem Yazici - The Island Of Many Blessings
Irem Yazici – The Island Of Many Blessings

There is so much to enjoy about Irem’s work. Surrealism allows us all to disconnect from reality and just enjoy the new worlds created for us. Much like Kim Pterodactyl’s abstract pieces, you get to engage with the work on your own terms.

Irem’s orchestrations are colourful, and playful, and her vignettes are packed with vibrancy and character. In many ways it feels like she is a conduit for these worlds, rather than a deliberate designer of them.

Irem Yazici - Music for the Light Beings (detail)
Irem Yazici – Music for the Light Beings (detail)

It’s intriguing to see when new works emerge and I am curious to see whether a magnum opus reveals itself over time. I’m not sure if Irem has a grand plan, or whether one of her characters is calling the shots!

You can enjoy more of Irem Yazici on Instagram and buy her work via her website.

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