The Cutting (& Stitching) Edge – Iviva Olenick

Contemporary embroidery art via Mr X Stitch

Iviva Olenick is an embroidery teacher and artist based in Brooklyn.



“A visual artist, I create narrative embroidery. My small-scale, semi-autobiographical pieces are a hand-stitched blog.

One of Iviva’s current projects is the Brooklyn Love Exchange: “Through The Brooklyn Love Exchange, I plan to map love in the borough of Brooklyn. I am collecting stories from current and even former Brooklynites about romantic encounters and relationships in the borough.

Iviva is active within the embroidery community, running workshops at venues like the Textile Arts Centre and teaching stitching at the Pratt Institute. Her love for the artform echoes throughout her work; there is a wonderful honesty about it that is engaging and emotive.

I love the way Iviva weaves narratives throughout her work. They are elegant pieces, combining textiles, stitching and love to capture those magical moments of everyday life. Some are quick hits of happiness, others take you on a short journey – all of them are worthwhile.



You could do a lot worse than spending a few hours scrolling through Iviva’s blog. Simply charming. 🙂


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