Jane Sanders – Pop Portrait Perfection

Contemporary embroidery art via Mr X Stitch

Jane Sanders is a textile artist from Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK whose machine stitched and applique portraits of pop icons are insanely impressive.

Jane Sanders - Rag N Bone Man
Jane Sanders – Rag N Bone Man – Mixed Media

“I depict iconic music stars, ranging from Billie Holliday to Rag n Bone Man. I create the pictures on a basic 1960’s Singer Sewing machine, in my kitchen, surrounded by clutter, kids and a greyhound.

Jane Sanders - Phil Lynott
Jane Sanders – Phil Lynott – Mixed Media

“I love pop music culture as everyone can relate to it and I get inspired by people’s hero worship of their idols. But I like to twist the image a bit by adding relevant mixed media, showing familiar faces in a different light. My background is in painting, but now I feel I paint with my Sewing machine.”

Jane Sanders - Kate Bush
Jane Sanders – Kate Bush- Mixed Media

I love the way Jane captures the personalities of familiar pop icons using applique and mixed media. Her portraits are visually arresting and it appears that she can work her machine embroidered magic with pretty much anyone. She’s clearly a talented illustrator who makes great use of the textile format to bring her creations to life and each new character is packed with personality and charm.

Jane Sanders - Ed Sheeran
Jane Sanders – Ed Sheeran – Mixed Media

From the world’s biggest pop stars to stars from the past, Jane creates them in this mixed media format, incorporating applique, beads, paint and embroidery, while charting her creative journey on her Instagram for us to enjoy. It’s great to see the process by which these amazing portraits to into being.

Jane Sanders - Freddie Mercury
Jane Sanders – Freddie Mercury – Mixed Media

Jane continues to create new pieces and is gaining more and more recognition for her exceptional talent. Follow her on Instagram to see what’s next; they’re bound to put smiles on your faces. Unless you’re this guy…

Jane Sanders - Liam Gallagher
Jane Sanders – Liam Gallagher – Mixed Media