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Jimmy McBride | Art Quilts

I had occasion to visit the magnificent Jimmy McBride in his studio this week to banter over our involvement in the epic tome that is Push Stitchery. [Do you have your copy yet? If not, there is no excuse. Go get one. It’s splendid and a veritable guide to who’s who. I know, I’m in it]

Here is an image of him in his studio:

Master Quilter Jimmy McBride

You can see his next epic project in the background. I am super excited to see this one come to life.

I really really had a great time visiting and learning his methods and asking lots of questions from one self taught quilter to another. He has some really great tips for circles and for using reclaimed clothing. [did you know that his quilts are made from salvaged textiles? that blows my mind!!!]

Here is an image and a detail:
Jimmy McBride | Art Quilts
Jimmy McBride | Art Quilts

“Is that hand stitching?” you ask. why yes it is. and I have had up close and personal verification. I really like the way his quilts look and the method he uses AND he is a super nice guy.

He is having a show in NYC in October at the Textile Arts Center Manhattan location.

Here are a few more images:

Jimmy McBride | Art Quilts
Jimmy McBride | Art Quilts


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