The Cutting (& Stitching) Edge – Stacey Page

Contemporary embroidery art via Mr X Stitch

Stacey Page is a mixed media artist from Georgia, USA.

Stacey Page - Beth - hand embroidery on photographs

The photographs mostly come from obscure auctions in the backwoods of Georgia which in themselves can be more bizarre than the art itself. The photographs are extinctions or discarded, and I don’t begin by having any relation to them. At the time we are done, I know them by name, which is given.

Stacey Page - Bobby - hand embroidery on photographs

I stare at a photograph for quite some time throughout the process, and the relationship develops. I like to think of the relationship as a respectful one, but I do have to admit at times one is an enemy. I use the copier to sketch, playing with possibilities in color and stitch. The sketch sometimes changes with the embroidery, and there is a nice history of my friend’s transformation. The dialogue is most entertaining and at times frustrating as it is very easy to lose a photograph.”

Stacey Page - Rachel - hand embroidery on photographs

I could look at these all day. While the production process is the same as Shaun Kardinal from last week, Stacey’s stitches empower her subjects with character and eccentricity.

Stacey Page - Leonard - hand embroidery on photographs

Stacey’s use of stitch creates texture and depth, adorning the subjects with creations that embellish their character. It must be an interesting alchemy as the relationship between subject and artist evolves, and I love that Stacey sometimes falls out with the subject of the piece, despite them appearing inanimate.

Stacey Page - Jess - hand embroidery on photographs

Visit Stacey’s website to meet some of the other characters she has created. Which one is your favourite?


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