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Joetta Maue - Fibre Artist, Art Curator and Future Heirlooms columnist for Mr X Stitch

Joetta Maue is one of our longest standing columnists, combining remarkable artistic talent and a flair for art curation to bring us her wonderful Future Heirlooms column.

How long have you been involved in the world of stitch?

I started stitching while in graduate school and then threw myself into the world of Textile Arts , Partially because I loved it and partially because I knew I needed to gain an understating of the context my work now lived in. I found myself frustrated by the lack of considered/academic writing and curating being done towards contemporary fiber practices and slowly started to take on those roles as well. In short 7-8 years.

What is your favourite thing about stitchery?

slow meditation. stitch by stitch. no stringent rules. comfort factor. the thread.

What do you make of the modern craft scene?

hmmm, that seems like a trick question. Honestly, I know nothing about the craft scene I am 100% in the art world.  I think it is wonderful that so many people are taking up craft and stitching but I also think people grossly under price themselves and therefore devalue working artists in the medium.  I think the craft scene is a great place for me to visit and shop from as an outsider.

The art scene in textiles in exciting to me. So many artists coming from different mediums and backgrounds are coming to fiber and this results in more thoughtful, diverse and interesting work. The medium is still, at least in the states, a bit of a looked down upon medium but more and more artists are breaking down those boundaries and hopefully, eventually they will no longer exist. I also think it is wonderful  how many independent curators are putting together truly thoughtful exhibits of fiber work. Now if only more institutions would do that too!

Do you have any unusual talents we might not know about?

Mmmm, Well I have done yoga for over 17 years/taught for over 12 so I am pretty advanced. Not a talent but a discipline. as a result though I can be in headstand for a VERY long time.

I am teaching myself hula hooping at the moment, I just needed to do something new and fun and indeed it is SO fun.

Otherwise I am very talented at drinking too much coffee, dancing in my kitchen with my 3 year old and never having enough time.


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Joetta Maue is a full-time artist, writer, and curator with a focus on the art of the needle. Her most recent body of work is a series of embroideries and images exploring intimacy and the domestic space. Joetta exhibits her work throughout the United States and internationally, and authors the critical blog Little Yellowbird as well as regularly contributes to Mr. X Stitch and the Surface Design Journal.

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