The Cutting (& Stitching) Edge – Judith Lovatt

Contemporary embroidery art via Mr X Stitch

Judith Lovatt, aka JudeIsAtHome, is a textile artist from the UK.


She is an extremely talented stitcher, who combines a range of different media in her pieces. Fabric, painting, applique, dying – she has a broad range of skills and she knows how to use them!

JudeIsAtHome Monet Garden

This early piece, based on Monet’s garden, shows someone who knows how to work a french knot or two. And the detail work on this work below, that was recently awarded a prize in a national competition, reinforces Jude’s mastery of her art.

JudeIsAtHome Embroidery

Here’s what Jude had to say for herself:

I used to be the head of an Art department in Secondary education (had to retire way before my time due to arthritis getting worse since the age of 15) but I did it for 20 years and absolutely adored it!!

“I have stitched, printed, woven, painted and knitted, since I was little and now enjoy teaching branches of Embroiderers’ Guilds for day schools/workshops and giving my lecture ‘What If?’ about my work and how to push the limits with your design ideas to make your work original and true to yourself.

“I was featured in ‘Workbox’ magazine with my machine embroidered ‘Doodlebird’ last Oct/Nov issue, with the ‘Embroidery in the Garden’ Winners exhibition held at Trentham Gardens 2008. (Pictures on Flickr). I received a Special Mention prize from Pfaff in Feb this year with my painted, printed and stitched hand/machine embroidery of the ‘Fairies in the woods’ for the National competition  “Magic’ run by the Textile Directory.   Finally in June this year,

“I received 2nd prize from Coates, for my “Gladrags and Handbags’ sculpture held at the Central West Regional day of the Embroiderers’ Guild. Central West consists of 16 branches of the Embroiderers’ Guild, so I was thrilled to receive this prize.

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“I have been genuinely warmed by the wonderful response I have had from all over the world on Flickr, towards my hand embroidery. May be in this time of speed and machine embroidery, people still like to see the craftsmanship of the old ways with hand embroidery. I am just privileged to have the time to devote to it. My favourite passion is printmaking which is what I studied for my B Ed degree, so I include it frequently with my painting and embroidery.”

JudeIsAtHome french knot detail

On top of being a technically adept artisan (look at all those french knots!), Jude is also a really nice person, who is often found leaving positive advice and banter on Flickr photostreams everywhere. There’s a great sense of exploration and discovery with her work and it’s clear that she has a lot of experience and love to share.

You can see the breadth of her work on her Flickr photostream. Drop by and give her some love!

And I’d like to wish her a belated Happy 31st Wedding Anniversary for yesterday as well!

What do you think?

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  • This work amazes me! So intriguing and fanciful. My eyes delight to look at pictures of it!

  • I am regularly blown away by pictures of Jude’s work on Flickr – wonderful stitching and fantastic colours – always very inspiring!

  • Thanks for sharing with your flickr friends including myself your wonderful detailed fiber work!

  • Congratulations and thanks for including me in your friends. I always thought you were a young thing but if your that long married you must be as old as me. I left school at 15 had no formal education until I did my City and Guilds at age 42, and am still learning wrote my first sonnett the other day and am hoping to start a computer class soon’ last year I made an animated film, with a great deal of help from Renfrewshire association for mental health RAMH. It’s never to old to begin again . Overheard on a Glasgow bus, If I listened to my body I’d never get out of bed.

  • Brilliant work Jude well done! I showed my granddaughter Sophie and she thought it had the WOW factor. Well done x

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