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I must admit that I started this particular post several times and kept starting over. This is because I wanted to do justice to Just One Quilt and Jenni Smith. Jenni has created an ongoing work that speaks to so many human, mindful, healing, soulful (on and on) aspects of quilting. She urges and encourages anyone to make Just One Quilt and teaches classes as well.

On her website you will find short films that present beautiful stories which are often quite personal. In regards to these Jenni says:
I want these films to challenge the stereotype that quilts are old-fashioned and the domain of ageing grandmothers only. I want them to make people laugh, cry and to question how this craft could positively impact their own lives.

She does just that! Her interviews and videos will surely make you feel a connection, perhaps make you cry (I did), and offer you new inspiring ways to look at quilts, quilting and quilters. Each film has a story that is soulful and deep. Every individual shares their perspective which is often vulnerable and human. So, whether you are new to quilting or not, Jenni’s work and mission will inspire you.

The first video I watched was The Brimfield Girls’ Story. I loved how they speak of rummaging through musty old fabric and of finding a quilt block they could not identify. I would rummage!

Look at that fabric! All art and quilt...
Look at that fabric!

Another video I loved was Chris’ story. He was so fun explaining how he would make a quilt for his son every year. I am lucky my son loves my quilts!

Chis and the story behind his work.
Chis and the story behind his work.

Still yet, there is Nim’s story which is beautiful and so hopeful and uplifting.

Nim's story
Nim’s story

I really could go on and on about each story I watched. I wanted to talk to each one of these people and share our stories and love of quilting and quilts. Jenni Smith is a wonder and her approach to teaching and sharing is truly human and humbling.

I strongly encourage you to watch all the videos, pass along her website and mission, and spread the word! Just One Quilt.

Julie Rodgers

I do a little bit of everything and love all forms of creativity. I have made a living with fabric design, miniature work, commercial artwork and many other things. Most recently I designed, and make and sell, The Floss Inn which is for needleworkers. Thrilled to be here!

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