Are we keeping you Pinterested?

We love Pinterest at Mr X Stitch. It’s a sumptuous feast of inspiration and ideas, while simultaneously being the world’s best time vortex. Every time I go on there to pin some of the stuff we’ve featured on here, I find myself coming to my senses three hours later staring at vintage icecream vans, or dogs in bandannas, or mid century kitchenalia…

Thanks to the terrific help of Ashley aka Little Stabs, who has the mutant power of staying focused while in the depths of Pinterest, we’ve got some great boards for textile fans, and we thought we’d share two of our favourites.

Hand Embroidery

Follow Mr X Stitch’s board Hand embroidery on Pinterest.


Cross Stitch Follow Mr X Stitch’s board Cross Stitch on Pinterest.  

We hope you get some inspiration from there, and pin the things you like, and you can Pin directly from this site by hovering over any image that takes your fancy. Fill your boots boards!

If there’s stuff that we ought to be pinning, don’t forget to contact us and tell us what we’re missing!

I’m going to add a couple more pictures to our boards. If you don’t hear from me in six hours, send in a search party!

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