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Welcome to the Cutting (& Stitching) Edge, where we showcase people whose embroidered creativity is fresh and new!

Kirsty Whitlock is a Leicester-based textile artist whose mixed media work deconstructs newspapers, carrier bags and discarded items to make political statements.

Kirsty Whitlock - Losses
Kirsty Whitlock – Losses

She is “inspired by political cartoons and the way they amuse, inform and educate a social message. She uses recycled and reclaimed materials to challenge Britain’s ‘throwaway culture’, also taking inspiration from news headlines and documentaries. Her work is concept led responding to the surface qualities of printed material as well as the subject matter.

Kirsty Whitlock - Thwack
Kirsty Whitlock – Thwack

Machine embroidery is used to explore imagery, text and current affairs. Embroidery has the power to transform, it enables the meaning of the material to be manipulated and challenged.

Kirsty Whitlock - Bags of Aggro
Kirsty Whitlock – Bags of Aggro

Using recognisable signs and symbols, Kirsty incorporates humour and the overlooked qualities of the materials to produce a collection of conceptual pieces and installations, using the medium to reflect on consumerism and current affairs.

Kirsty Whitlock - In Loving Memory
Kirsty Whitlock – In Loving Memory

I really like these pieces. In these times of corporate culture, where we start to feel the true effects of profits above all else, these pieces do a nice job of critiquing those very familiar institutions that have played their part.

Kirsty Whitlock - Bar Codes
Kirsty Whitlock – Bar Codes

From a technical standpoint, Kirsty’s delicate deconstruction is really skilful and she is very adept at reconfiguring materials to new forms, while still retaining their original intention.

Kirsty Whitlock - Brace Yourself
Kirsty Whitlock – Brace Yourself

Her content also has an acerbic nature, with a swagger that I like. It’s a real double whammy of sardonic content with high technicality that is hard to resist. I hope she produces lots more in the future!”

Kirsty Whitlock - Dazed
Kirsty Whitlock – Dazed

You can see more of Kirsty’s work at her website and follow her on Instagram to keep up with her inspiration.

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