The Cutting (& Stitching) Edge – Magali Rizzo

Contemporary embroidery art via Mr X Stitch

Magali Rizzo is an embroidery artist from Paris, France.

Magali Rizzo - Esperanto - hand embroidery

“My approach to art has always been tied among other things to the work of textile, and to the memories it carries around. Essentially narrative, my work feeds from textile mythologies, while questioning the cross-over between individual memory and collective experience.

Magali Rizzo - Mothers of Naples - hand embroidery detail
“Clothes, linen, are like a second skin to man. Life always begins with swaddling cloths and ends with shrouds. Through textile manipulation, I invest rituals and social codes linked to materials, and appreciate the symbolic energy of a relic that is given to second hand clothes. The timeless act of sewing is a way, symbolically, to make amends and fix things up.

Magali Rizzo - Haunted Wash House - embroidery installation
“I began to use embroidery as a form of drawing in 2006. I draw and tell stories in a realistic style. I choose drawings that already exist to give them a new interpretation. Embroidering on fabric the trace of ball-pen on paper is a way to reread and retell stories.”

Magali Rizzo - Jungle - hand embroidery

In her terrific Future Heirlooms column, Joetta conducted thorough interview with Magali that engages you in her process, so it’s definitely worth having a look at that. I’ve enjoyed Magali’s work for a long time now; her ability to create depth with the simplest of stitches, combined with a thoughtful application of negative space really pushes my buttons. The pieces are elegantly simple, yet packed with emotion and vitality.

Magali Rizzo - Esperanto - hand embroidery detail

Find out more about Magali at her blog.


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